Do a Traineeship and LEARN while you EARN!

Trainees undertake supervised vocational training in a workplace

Trainees earn a wage while learning about the industry and job role and gain a nationally accredited qualification on completion

Traineeship graduates are highly employable in their field, the extensive work experience they gain during the traineeship making them immediately job ready

Benefits of Traineeships

For the Employer

For the Trainee

What our Students Employers Say
Janelle, Nominated Supervisor of Theodore Early Childhood Centre
"I have three trainees studying CHC30121 with Skills Generation and highly recommend studying with Skills Gen. They have been very engaging with myself and the trainees. Skills Gen took care of transferring the traineeships making this a very easy process. My trainees have expressed how helpful and engaging the online training has been. I have noticed the trainees are not being over assessed, they have constant contact with their online trainer, have a range of videos and online classes they can attend. The online trainer is very supportive and responds to my questions and the trainees questions quickly and is there to help whenever it is needed. This has been extremely helpful. Since the trainees have been with Skills Generation they are completing units at a much faster rate, are enjoying their study and are less overwhelmed with their study requirements. The Skills Gen CHC30121 has only five clusters, this has reduced the workload for my trainees and they are very excited by how quickly they are able to progress toward their qualification. I believe Skills Generation to be one of the best training organisations I have worked with and feel other Directors, trainees and people studying the certificate will feel the same way. Thank you."

Skills Generation Traineeship Qualifications

For information about school-based traineeships, visit our Vocational Training in Schools page.

Trainee Eligibility

To be eligible for a traineeship a student must:

  • be 15 years of age or older
  • be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • be employed on a part-time or full-time basis. Casual employment not permitted
    • Part-time – Minimum 15 hours per week over each 4-week period throughout duration of traineeship or
    • School-based – 7.5 hours per week of paid employment (may be averaged over a 3-month period). Over the period of a year the employer must provide a minimum of 375 hours (50 days) paid employment
  • pay a legislated contribution fee of $1.60 per nominal hour*

*Eligibility guidelines apply. Employer may pay this on the trainee’s behalf. Contribution fee does not apply for School-based traineeships.

Funding and Incentives

There are various Commonwealth and State Government funding and other financial incentives for trainees and their employers. Please discuss with an Apprentice Connect Australia Provider of your choice.

Skills Generation Traineeship Officer

Zoe Brown is a dedicated and passionate Traineeship professional with a strong administration background and over 9 years’ experience in the education sector. 

She is focused on providing high level support for employers, and creating a warm and welcoming environment that encourages trainee students to achieve success.

Zoe has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is available to discuss your career or organisation goals surrounding traineeships. 

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