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Skills Generation Industry Strategy - servicing the needs of employers and their businesses

Vocational Education and Training is about the World of Work, providing skills to build capability and capacity in individuals, industries and communities, locally, nationally and globally.

Skills Generation understands the importance of relationships and responsiveness to the needs of stakeholders, including strategic partnerships with industry for training and workforce development.

We have extensive experience and a proven track record in employer-led programs and partnerships, and in mobilisation of networks and stakeholders including community groups, industry and government, to deliver successful workforce development initiatives across a range of industry areas.

With an innovative needs-based, solution-oriented approach we design bespoke workforce training models ranging from:

  • contextualisation of training material and resources tailored to specific businesses, ensuring new employees are work-ready from day one; to
  • embedding our trainers in organisations to meet their ongoing training demands, helping to upskill existing staff to improve quality, and support sustainability of workforce; and
  • designing and delivering statewide industry strategies for workforce development supported by Commonwealth and State Government.

Contact us today to discuss your workforce development and training needs, we can help with a solution for you.

Upskilling and Professional Development with Industry Skill Sets

Skilled workers are experts at their job, which means improved productivity for your business.

Providing upskilling and reskilling opportunities for your staff enables you to proactively build a strong and skilled workforce that will help you to achieve full employment, productivity and growth.

Investing in the skills of your team allows your business to adapt to the changing needs of our economy, respond to the challenges of workforce shortages and sustain the success of your business with a high-skilled workforce.

Benefits of reskilling and upskilling your workforce:

  • Increase employee retention
  • Fill skill gaps within your company
  • Avoid the costs of hiring new staff
  • Create and encourage a culture of learning
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Attract new talent
  • Enhance employee motivation, satisfaction, and productivity


Learn about the benefits of employing trainees to help meet your workforce and staffing needs. Visit our traineeships page and talk to our helpful team today.

Delivering high quality training contextualised to meet the needs of business and industry

Focusing on high quality training leading to employment and increased economic and social participation in communities

Offering fit for purpose training including practical experience in workplace and simulated environments preparing students with local and global skills, values and the knowledge that employers desire

Utilising innovative, interactive and engaging online learning and teaching resources to support knowledge acquisition. Incorporating elements of digital animation and Artificial Intelligence, accessible across a range of portable devices and platforms to reach rural and remote regions

Specialising in employer-led training programs and partnerships for workforce development

Nurturing and supporting innovation and entrepreneurship

Enabling business and economic growth through industry and training partnerships

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