Revolutionising Learning: Skills Generation’s Innovative Approach to Online Vocational Training

In the ever-evolving education landscape, Skills Generation is excited to announce a new pilot program that will further enhance the online learning experience for our students. Recognising that one size does not fit all in education, we are introducing two distinct approaches to our online classes that incorporate different levels of direct interaction and engagement with trainers and other learners, designed to cater to diverse learning styles and schedules.


For those who thrive through real-time personal communication, our live classes are perfect. These sessions are conducted by our experienced trainers who don’t just present information but engage with students in lively discussions, answer questions on the spot, and create interactive learning environments that mirror a traditional classroom setting. This online option is perfect for students who prefer structured learning and enjoy the element of live interaction.


Understanding that many people need and want the flexibility to study at times that fit well with their personal schedules, Skills Generation offers self-paced online courses. Unlike traditional online study, students who choose the self-paced option with Skills Generation have access to Homework Clubs. Homework Clubs are held at set times each week and are led by the same experienced trainers who teach the live online interactive classes. On those occasions when students are feeling a bit ‘stuck’ or would like to gain some feedback, guidance, or motivation, the Homework Club is there. We offer multiple different times and days for our Homework Clubs, so no matter what time you work or play, there should be a time that works for you to drop in.

We also realise that when students commence their studies, they might not know which of the two online models will work best for them. This can be particularly tricky for those who haven’t studied in quite a while! Our course advisors and trainers will provide lots of information and guidance to help students choose a model, but at any point throughout a students’ learning journey, if they find the alternate online method might suit them better, they are more than welcome to switch.


At Skills Generation, we believe in empowering our students to achieve their goals, so we provide choice and flexibility to support their learning needs. This pilot program is a demonstration of our commitment to student-centred learning. By offering these two distinct modes of online classes, we aim to improve access to quality courses and expand options that will suit diverse learning styles and needs.


We invite you to be a part of this exciting new phase in vocational education. Whether you thrive in a live class environment or prefer the autonomy of pre-recorded sessions, Skills Generation is here to support your educational journey.

The pilot program is currently open to students who enrol in CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support in either the Ageing, Disability, or Ageing and Disability specialisations. However, the goal is to roll out both online learning models for more Skills Generation qualifications in the not-too-distant future!

Stay tuned for updates and feedback from this pilot program as we continue to innovate and strive for even greater learning outcomes for students!

Interested in learning more about our new online class formats? Contact us for more information. E: [email protected] P: 1800 838 295.

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