Ange is at it again! This time she’s doing LAPSforLIFE

A constant inspiration to all of us at Skills Generation, our amazing Finance and Corporate Services Officer Angela has literally taken the plunge to raise funds to support prevention of youth suicide.

The leading cause of death for young people in Australia, youth suicide devastatingly takes a greater toll than car accidents or Cancer. 

In March, Ange accepted the challenge and began swimming to make sure young people in Australia could have access to the mental health support they urgently need. She encouraged her network to sponsor her to help prevent youth suicide, with all funds raised used to help young people feel better about today and the future, no matter what challenge they’re facing.

Ange reached her goal on 27 March completing 400 laps of a 25 metre pool, an impressive 10 kilometres! What’s even more impressive about this effort is that Ange started her ‘learn to swim’ lessons at the start of the year. 

In her first attempt at ‘diving in for Youth Mental Health’ she also achieved her fundraising goal.

“Thanks to the fabulous support of my friends, family and amazing work colleagues at Skills Hubs and Skills Generation I have already reached my fundraising goal. But why stop now. I am swimming and counting laps until the end of March so don’t miss your chance to donate and help prevent youth suicide,” she said. 

There’s still time to make donations to this incredibly important cause, just visit the Laps for Life website to donate.   

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Congratulations Angela, we’re all very proud of you!

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