Recognition of Prior Learning: The Shortcut to Acquiring a Qualification

Unlock the door to your dream career sooner with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). By recognising the skills, knowledge, and experience you have gained through work and life, you can fast-track your qualification and save yourself hours of study time. Say goodbye to long hours of coursework and hello to a much speedier learning journey. […]

5 Steps to Help You Master Your Online Classes & Achieve Study Success

Online Learning has become a way of life. This popular training model is fast overtaking the traditional classroom setup that is being replaced by online classes offering welcome flexibility and convenience to students with busy schedules. But while learners are enjoying the comfort and leisure of working from home, it is important to recognise the […]

Top 3 Questions We’re Asked About VET Student Loans

So, you’re thinking about pursuing a new career, but you’re worried about the cost of tuition associated with the training you will need. We totally get it – upskilling can be expensive! Thankfully, there are a variety of financial assistance programs available to help make your dreams a reality. One of these is the Australian […]